Welcome to the Kesgrave Kruisers officials team! Please read through the page below to see what has been setup or enabled for you as part of your onboarding.

Kesgrave Kruisers Email Forward
You now have a [email protected] email setup to forward to your normal email address. This is listed on the Officials page, and you are welcome to give out and use for club related business. You can request a different destination email if desired.
Club Captains are also added to the group [email protected] forward address.
Secretary is also added to the [email protected] forward address.
Welfare Officer, Chairperson and Vice Chairperson are added to the [email protected] forward address.

Website Officials Page
You have been added to the Officials page on the website.

Website Member Level
Your website member level has been upgraded to Official level. This has 2 benefits.
1. You are able to access some functionality via the website admin dashboard, such as creating news stories and events etc.
2. You can access emergency contact and medical information for members by clicking on their profile page from the members list. Note: please read the appropriate privacy policy documentation first!

Session Schedule Name
You’ve been added to the Session Schedule sheet. This is primarily for Coaches, so they can populate their names when helping out at sessions, and record details of their qualifications, first aid training and background checks.

Google Drive Access
You now have access to the club Google Drive area, where we store all important Officials documents that are not on the website. The Committee have access to some additional folders, hence a different URL. Coaches should familiarise themselves with the ‘KK Session Schedule’ to see a list of sessions and record who is leading and supporting them. There are mobile apps for accessing Google Drive and Google Sheets from your phone if desired.
Committee: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Qe_yYYMkjgaJ1gOiNOHvKfFrMIDQkBjU
Coaches: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/1Vaw6UebFALJwUnf5sNylxk0IynHFlJ1U

Facebook Messenger Group
You should have received an invite to the relevant Facebook Messenger group, if not then speak to one of the existing team. There are separate groups for the Committee and the Coaches.

Policy Review Request
All of our public policies are visible on the website under the ‘About’ menu and sub-menus. All Officials must read the Internal Privacy Policy document:
Coaches should read through our public ‘Welfare and Safeguarding Policy’ and ‘Risk Assessment’ documents:
Committee members should read through the ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ document:

Feel free to ask the existing team if you have any questions!