KKSS 2021 Week 5

KKSS Week 5 is the 5 mile time trial, to complete between Fri 2nd July and Thu 8th July. This will be the longest run in the series for many of you, but fortunately you’re all really fit now from the previous challenges!
Adults: 5 miles is 8.05 km
Juniors: 2 km is 1.24 miles

Full details and rules are available on the website. For this challenge make sure you pick a course without an unfair advantage, such as finishing on a downhill or wind assistance, and that you run as a single activity with no pausing of the watch or timing device:

Please use the form below to submit your results. You can attempt this challenge more than once, but only your first submitted result will count – so don’t submit if you plan to do better. Parents, please submit for your juniors.

Remember, teams score points based on their results average, and for each runner submitting a result, so take part! Results, team rankings and individual league tables are all available at the link below and will update as soon as results are submitted.

When: 02/07/2021 00:00
With: admin