KKSS 2021 Week 4

KKSS Week 4 is “Steady Pace” and runs from Fri 25th June to Thu 1st July.

The objective this week is to practice your pacing over a distance of 4 km or 4 miles (2 km or 2 miles for juniors). The challenge is “km” OR “miles” so you can run with your normal watch settings at your normal pace numbers if desired. If changing your watch units, remember to also change your auto-lap settings. You can choose the pace for this challenge; it might be your race pace or your recovery pace – perhaps try both and see which works best.

In this challenge your first km/mile is your baseline, and for the subsequent 3 km/mile (1 for juniors) you should try to run the same pace as the first.
Example: km1 in 6:00 (baseline), km2 in 6:05 (deviation 5), km3 in 6:10 (deviation 10), km4 in 5:48 (deviation 12)

– You CANNOT pick the best result from a group who ran together; your submission must be based on times recorded via your timing device
– You CAN use any of the Time / Avg Pace / Split Pace / Lap Pace fields across apps such as Garmin or Strava; these can vary from what was seen on the device during the run, with different rounding calculations, and we want you to do well! It is suggested to take a screenshot of whatever field you ended up using, and attach that to your submitted activity
– You CAN borrow a device if yours is not great at recording or reporting pace/splits
– You CAN use the first 4 km/mile of a longer run, but it must be the first 4, not middle/last 4

Additional details and rules are available on the website.

Please use the form below to submit your results – it has options to record the deviation seconds for 2nd, 3rd and 4th intervals. You can attempt this challenge more than once, but only your first submitted result will count – so don’t submit if you plan to do better. Parents, please submit for your juniors, leaving the 3rd and 4th intervals as 0.

Remember, teams score points based on their results average, and for each runner submitting a result, so take part! Results, team rankings and individual league tables are all available at the link below and will update as soon as results are submitted.

When: 25/06/2021 00:00
Where: KWMCC
With: admin