KKSS 2021 Week 3

KKSS Week 3 is the super-fun “Cooper Test” and runs from Fri 18th June to Thu 24th June. The objective this week is to run as far as you can in 12 minutes (same duration for juniors). This is a common fitness test for establishing your aerobic fitness and can even be used to estimate your VO2 max. This test would often be run on a track, but you can simulate by picking a flat route and either run loops or an out-and-back; turning at 6 minutes to retrace your steps. The Kruisers session on Tue 22nd June will be Cooper Test friendly; with 2×12 minute blocks.

Your activity must be continuous (no pausing), so 12 minutes elapsed time, not 12 minutes moving time with breaks to catch your breath. Avoid finishing on a downhill and be wary of hazards such as road crossings when picking your route.

Those who took part in 2020, can you run further? Let us know!

Additional details and rules are available on the website.

Please use the form below to submit your results. You can attempt this challenge more than once, but only your first submitted result will count – so don’t submit if you plan to do better. Parents, please submit for your juniors.

Remember, teams score points based on their results average, and for each runner submitting a result, so take part! Results, team rankings and individual league tables are all available at the link below and will update as soon as results are submitted.

When: 18/06/2021 00:00
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