Covid Rules & Risk Assessment

Version 0.5 – 5th August 2020


The Kesgrave Kruisers Running Club Covid Rules & Risk Assessment should be read in conjunction with our existing policies (found on under the About menu) and risk assessment ( In case of any conflict or disparity, the rules and risk assessment within this document will always supersede statements in our other policies, until such time we are able to withdraw Covid specific regulations.

This document is based on the latest advice from the UK Government and England Athletics and may be regularly updated based on changes to that advice. The latest copy will always be published on our website, and updates will be announced via our normal communication channels. Members may contact our Covid Officer at (distribution to Covid Officer, Welfare Officer, Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Head Coach).

General Rules

We want the sessions to be as normal and fun as possible, but we need your help to achieve this:

  • Do not attend if you are displaying any Covid 19 symptoms, if you or any member of your household are self-isolating or in quarantine
  • Do not attend unless you have booked a place for the session (see Booking)
  • Do not attend as a spectator (this includes family members of those attending)
  • Do not spit in locations used to enter and exit the sports field or areas that form part of the session activity
  • Do not post photos of the session, as viewers may be unaware of the Covid guidelines being followed
  • Do not skip a session that you have booked to attend; spaces are limited, and you will have prevented someone else attending
  • Do ensure any property (bags/bottles) you bring to the session are easily identifiable to avoid using incorrect items


  • Sessions are currently only open to registered Club Members. Please visit our Membership page to purchase membership if you have not already registered.
  • Members will be required to book a place at the session via the website. Event bookings will be created on Thursday evenings and will be advertised via our normal communication channels.
  • Session numbers and booking slots will be capped based on the number of coaches and run leaders volunteering at the session, at a ratio of 12 runners to 1 coach / leader e.g. 48 runners to 4 leaders.
  • Once the available places have been reserved then no further bookings will be accepted. We ask for your support to allow as many members as possible the opportunity to attend sessions by considering fortnightly attendance where possible.
  • We reserve the right to amend or cancel bookings to allow as many members as possible to participate in sessions.
  • Cancel your booking as soon as possible if you are unable to attend, such as if you develop symptoms or have to isolate.
  • We will check you in using a register of bookings at the start of each session to comply with Track and Trace requirements.
  • Only members booked on to the session can attend, no other spectators will be permitted in or around the session with the exception of the coaches / run leaders who are assisting the session.


  • Based on current England Athletics guidelines we will only accept bookings for those aged 18 or over, as advice for sessions involving under 18s would limit us to a much lower session capacity.
  • We are currently working on an alternative plan for our young adults and junior members and we will advise this as soon as possible.

Entry and Exit

  • Please arrive between 18:50 and 18:55 so the session can begin at 19:00.
  • Entry is via Mead Drive only (tennis courts / bowls club entrance), and the car park itself may be closed. Please arrive on foot or bike, or park in one of the car parks external to KWMCC, such as by Tesco or the Scout hut.
  • Please queue socially distanced inside the low fence that runs from the band stand to the bike racks by the sports hall if required. 
  • Do not enter the field without first joining the queue to check in. You will be checked off against the booked attendance list for the session and directed to the bag drop area near the cricket pitch, where a session leader will instruct you.
  • On entry, we will have a hand sanitiser bottle for use, but please consider bringing your own personal bottle to the session.
  • Exit after the session will be via the back of the band stand and then out towards Mead Drive.
  • Please do not congregate in groups either before or after the session.


  • Attendees may be asked to walk or jog round the field before the session starts, until all members have arrived.
  • Aspects of the session (such as warm-up drills) may be split into smaller groups to assist with social distancing guidelines and to enable participants to hear instructions clearly, as illustrated below.
  • Activities must be conducted while maintaining 2 metre social distancing from other participants, and this includes overtaking.
  • The coaches / leaders will be stationed around the running route and if they consider that social distancing guidelines are not being followed they will tell you; please follow their instructions!
  • Please do not touch any club equipment, including cones, lights and megaphone – these will be collected at the end of the session by a nominated volunteer and sanitised.
  • Please avoid close contact with other participants during the session, especially during warm up, cool down and stretching.
  • The designated Session Leader will have full and final decision on any attendance and safety issues arising.


  • Toilets and showers in the main sports halls will not be in use.
  • There is one standard toilet and one accessible toilet next to the cricket pavilion. These are single occupancy toilets and therefore are one in/one out by nature. Please wash your hands thoroughly after using the toilet.
  • We will have a first aid kit available for use which will contain gloves and masks for those administering first aid.
  • Please be advised that protocols around CPR are currently changed with no face to face contact advised. Coaches and committee members who are trained in first aid have been advised to follow the current guidelines.


  • Sessions at KWMCC still cost £1. There are 3 options for this, 2 of which are available online:
    • Annual payment via the Club Shop “Tuesday Year” option is £22, also available when taking Club Membership
    • Weekly payment via the Club Shop “Tuesday Week” option is £1
    • Cash payment at the session, which will be left for 72 hours before counting/depositing to our bank account