Return to Normal

Kruisers will be following the latest Government and England Athletics advice and expect sessions scheduled after 19th July to return to normal. The obvious changes will be removal of the cap on numbers attending sessions, the removal of the booking system, and removal of a register on arrival. It will now be possible to just pitch up to a session without telling us in advance that you are attending. We are also expecting an increase in the number of Thursday sessions advertised, now that additional complexities and considerations are removed.

For the time being we will still be retaining 4 pieces of advice from our longer Covid rules, as think these are anyway sensible:

  • Do not attend if you are displaying any Covid 19 symptoms or if you are personally required to follow government rules for isolation or quarantine
  • Do not spit in locations used to enter/exit the venue, that form part of the session activity or near members of the public
  • Do ensure any property (bags/bottles) you bring to the session are easily identifiable to avoid using incorrect items
  • Provide plenty of space to other members when overtaking and pass by them on the outside

Sessions at Kesgrave Community Centre and Northgate will still cost £1 to attend, or you can consider purchasing the very reasonably priced Tuesday Prepay option, which is now reduced to just £6 until the end of our extended membership year on 30th September 2021.

We will be publishing additional information about how Guest and Trial members can attend sessions in the near future, until then please purchase the £3 membership via our shop before attending a session.

We look forward to seeing you soon!