Profile: Simon Stafford

Runner Origin Story
I started running in early 2017. Luke did his first junior parkrun a few months earlier and I thought I would join him to check he was ok. He was fine, but I was out of breath and struggling after 100m! I realised then I needed to get fitter, so as a new years resolution did couch to 5k on a treadmill in a gym, with an aim to progress to run a parkrun. Haven’t stopped running since.

I Run Because…
I love running because it keeps me fit in mind and body. Also being part of a great running club with lots of friends and supporters.

When Not Running
Thinking about my next run!

Greatest Running Achievement
Training for and running my first marathon – Brighton Marathon in 2019. I badly injured my achilles a few weeks beforehand so thought I would have to pull out. But through intensive rehab and a lot of willpower managed to get fit enough to start and complete it.

Favourite Run Related Moment
Always seeing Kruisers supporters cheering me on.

Favourite Distance
I don’t really have a favourite – enjoy running 5k up to marathons.

Favourite Race
Probably Woodbridge 10k. The hills are really hard, but the support and atmosphere is fantastic

Favourite Shoe
Nike Vaporfly Next%

Favourite Local Route
Along Martlesham Creek and waterfront to Woodbridge

Favourite Gels
SIS Isotonic gels

Favourite Food/Drink/Snacks
Post race McDonalds

Crave While Running

Favourite Warm-up Drill
Gentle jog, with some fast strides

Favourite Stretch
Calf stretch, as my calves are always tight

Best Coaching Advice
Listen to your body

Favourite Running Websites
Runner’s World, Run Britain

Race Most Wanted
Boston Marathon, New York Marathon

Favourite Music/Podcast
Runner’s World podcast

Must Read Running Book
Shane Benzie – The Lost Art of Running

Like About Running
The support and camaraderie from other runners

Hate About Running
Wind and rain

Gear Can’t Run Without
Garmin Fenix watch

Future Goals
Keep improving and enjoying running