Profile: Rick Phillips

Runner Origin Story
I’ve done athletics since I was very young, but took a break until my mid 30s as had taken up golf and biking. I took running up after a bike accident realising I needed to get fit again, as had put a lot of weight on and needed the challenge.

I Run Because…
I run because of my mental health, I know when I haven’t been able to run for a period, my moods definitely take a down turn. Also to challenge myself, to try and push myself further, longer, hard, etc. I love running with others but also on my own.

When Not Running
It is all about family and friends; really enjoy long walks, mainly in the Lake District, but have been known to play a bit of golf as well.

Greatest Running Achievement
Greatest running achievement was proving to myself that I could run a marathon.

Favourite Distance
I’m happy to run anything now from 5k to marathon distance. Anything shorter and I struggle, and I haven’t thought about trying an ultra (just yet).

Favourite Race
Love Little Bromley 10k and the Orwell Challenge marathon, 2 very different events.

Favourite Shoe
Any, love getting new pairs to try and test

Favourite Gels
High5 and least favourite, Kendal mint ones

Crave While Running
Not a lot, but absolutely crave Coca-Cola after a long run

Best Coaching Advice
Listen to your body!

Race Most Wanted
London Marathon

Like About Running
Being able to clear your head, and have space to yourself, love a long run on my own sometimes.

Hate About Running
The preparation before a race, getting nervous, finding the toilets, etc.

Gear Can’t Run Without
Shokz headphones, the only ones I have found that are brilliant for running.

Future Goals
Target specific PBs, but main one is the Manchester Marathon, my first road marathon.