Profile: Phil Chappels

Runner Origin Story
I was never sporty in school really or growing up; loved football but had a lot more enthusiasm than talent.
It started in 2003, Jayne and I were out with a couple of her friends who were going to do the Great North Run. Jayne said I’d never do it, so obviously I said I could if I wanted. So went from little or no running to training for a half marathon. We did it in about 1:55. It was a great experience and I thoroughly recommend GNR to anyone.
From then we did the occasional race and would just run once or twice a week not really training just keeping fit.
One day we were walking round Millennium field and saw a group running around with some instructors. It was just a Facebook group then without even a name. That group became Kesgrave Kruisers. I voted for the name Millennium Falcons…but that’s how it started.

I Run Because…
I enjoy it when I’m feeling fit. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve finished a run. I also really enjoy getting outdoors around the trails and running with friends.

When Not Running
The usual reading and films etc. also re-learning to play the drums. A bit of PlayStation.

Greatest Running Achievement
For years I tried to chip away at running a 5k under 20 mins. In 2019 I was close, 20:04. Then I did the Twilight 5k and amazed myself with a 19:06. I managed to run Twilight again this year but that was the first under 20 and such a huge improvement, it was a great race.

Cherished Running Anecdote
I have a few, most people know this but doing the Orwell Challenge with Jayne. We parted at 20 miles as she was struggling with a hill. Anyway I pushed on, got lost ran over a mile further and she ended up beating me to the finish. Even calling me on the phone whilst I was still on the course.

Favourite Run Related Moment
I would say just generally supporting other people, Ekiden in particular is amazing but so was high 5 from the juniors at Twilight.

Favourite Distance
Probably half marathon.

Favourite Race
Ekiden, Twilight 5k, Great North Run.

Favourite Shoe
Nike Vaporfly 4% Flyknits, the blue one. I think many of us had the same thing on offer and it was and is still amazing.
Really enjoying my Nike Tempo Next% now though.

Favourite Local Route
Phil’s Loop 😁
Also around the Martlesham Creek

Favourite Gels

Favourite Food/Drink/Snacks
Guinness after a long run

Best Coaching Advice
Enjoy your running, and appreciate it, it’s not just about PBs. Getting outside in your trainers is a win, even if it’s a walk.

Favourite Music/Podcast
I have an eclectic running playlist from Iron Maiden to Tom Jones and the Miami Vice theme!

Race Most Wanted
Would love to be able to run the Cape Wrath Ultra in Scotland, it’s epic but a huge undertaking and maybe something for a few years from now.

Like About Running
It’s social, it’s cheap (no you don’t need more shoes), the events are varied and you learn a lot about yourself.

Gear Can’t Run Without
Garmin obv 😁
Otherwise for long runs my Decathlon trail shorts, so many pockets and a good liner.

Future Goals
Stay injury free. Do a sub 40 min 10k and a sub 90 half. Nearly there. Do a 50k ultra.