Profile: Jayne Chappels

Runner Origin Story
I was a reasonable runner at school, then after leaving jogged once a week to keep fit alongside swimming. I joined Kruisers several years ago, in its early days, after seeing them one evening and decided with Phil that we wanted to run more. Since than have increased from once or twice a week to three or four times a week and got quicker and slightly more competitive!

I Run Because…
Really enjoy running for lots of reasons – good for my health, both physical and mental, helps me de-stress after work, I like to challenge myself to improve, and really enjoy the social side of running with a club. I am lucky that Phil and I are a similar pace so are able to run a lot together. I am quite a quiet person but I have found being part of a club has increased my confidence

When Not Running
Swimming. I was part of a swimming club till I was 18, and after starting work I just swam casually but found running was easier to fit in especially with kids, and although I enjoy the running more, I still swim once a week. I also do a couple of gym classes a week – usually a strength one and a core one, and also usually try to do some Pilates once a week at home

Greatest Running Achievement
Can’t decide between getting my first sub-20 at Martlesham 5k; I had tried for so long and been close on several occasions.
Or surprising myself by getting a Good For Age at my first marathon in Manchester. I never thought I would be able to run a marathon let alone get a GFA

Favourite Distance
Either 5k or marathon – 5k because it’s full on effort throughout but over quickly! Or the marathon as you can enjoy the first half as the pace feels comfortable

Favourite Shoe
Bucking the trend – ASICS Nimbus – I have worn them for several years I find them comfortable, long lasting and find I don’t get injured often, though they are a little heavy. I am being swayed by others though recently and have now got some Nike Alphaflys

Favourite Food/Drink/Snacks
Breakfast – granola, blueberries and yogurt with apple juice
During – usually just gels unless it’s a trail marathon then Wild Trail Carrot Cake bars and salt and vinegar rice cakes
After – nuts

Crave While Running

Best Coaching Advice
Not all races go to plan, but you learn something from each of them

Race Most Wanted
Once our kids are older would like to combine a marathon abroad with a holiday

Hate About Running
Often feel, especially when trying for a PB ‘why am I doing this, I hate running’ but obviously I don’t as I keep doing it.
I also struggle with the heat, but I’m trying to get back at it

Future Goals
If I’m still running well at 50 and am able to get a Good For Age I would like to do the Boston (USA) marathon