Profile: Helen Jerrold

Runner Origin Story
I started running around six years ago. I met fellow Kruiser Sandy Page at a toddler group when my children were young, we became friends and it became clear that myself and my husband were very unfit. Sandy finally persuaded me to take up running, I still remember our first run, I couldn’t make it to the top of the road. Now as they say the rest is history and as some of you will know from last year’s summer series, we now have a friendly rivalry!

I Run Because…
I run to keep fit and to eat and drink what I like. But also for my mental health, I have suffered from anxiety and running helps to keep me in check.

When Not Running
I’m usually taxi service for my two daughters, ferrying them around to their different clubs. When I get time I love to explore the footpaths with my friends.

Cherished Running Anecdote
It has to be the very soggy Martlesham 5k in 2019 where I ran the race with Lily. From the moment we arrived it absolutely poured and didn’t stop for the entire race. We argued most of the way round, she wanted a PB but wouldn’t listen to my advice (still doesn’t).

Lily got the PB and we both walked away with trophies for our age categories.

Favourite WORST Run Related Moment
It has to be the 2018 London Marathon. I was lucky enough to get a ballot entry the first year I applied. The training went well and I was ready for race day, what I didn’t plan for was the heat. It was the hottest London marathon on record. My first 10 miles went well, then I fell apart. I did make it to the finish but not how I’d planned. It took me a long time to get over the disappointment and I’m still not ready to take on the distance again.

Like About Running
Running with my daughter Lily, catching up with friends on a social run, the buzz of a new PB and most of all crossing the finish line.

Favourite Race
Cross county or anything involving mud or water!! I took part in my first cross country races this year and absolutely loved it. As well as running I also love an obstacle course race with friends, the muddier and wetter the better.

Favourite Shoe
Asics Gel Nimbus 22 after suffering with shin splints for a number of years I started wearing Asics and so far so good. I also have weird toes and have found that buying men’s shoes suits my feet much better. Believe it or not I only have one pair of running shoes, not like some of the other coaches!

Best Coaching Advice
Don’t just run – think about adding strength and conditioning into your training. When I did, my pace got quicker, my legs and glutes got stronger which made hills easier and my legs were less tired. My weekly routine includes, spin, kettlebells and HIIT sessions. I only run three times a week, at Kruisers and two social runs with friends.

And don’t take it to seriously, relax and enjoy your running.

Future Goals
I would love a sub 20min 5k, my PB stands at 20.37 so I have some training to do.