Profile: Bella Lock

Runner Origin Story
I started because I’d been gaining weight gradually from having a desk job for years, eating too much and having three children (including twins). I was a bit bigger than I wanted to be and definitely not very fit. Seemed like a relatively easy form of exercise to try as you can do it from your front door and it doesn’t cost a lot to start with. Didn’t expect to enjoy it but here I am a few years later and it’s one of my favourite things.

I Run Because…
As well as the physical benefits of being generally fitter, I appreciate the benefits to my mental health, which isn’t great sometimes. So anything that helps with that is amazing!

When Not Running
Spending time with my family mostly. Reading is my other main hobby, I buy books faster than I can read them at the moment though!

Greatest Running Achievement
[Bella]: So far..! I achieved times for 5k and 10k recently that I never previously imagined I’d be able to get.

Favourite Race
Woodbridge 10k and both the Twilight races. Still lots of races that I haven’t done yet though.

Favourite Distance

Favourite Shoe
Haven’t tried many different ones but my current favourites are Nike Zoom Fly 3.

Favourite Local Route
Various routes round the Fynn Valley and around Waldringfield, Hemley and Newbourne area.

Crave While Running
Coca Cola

Best Coaching Advice
Don’t compare yourself to other runners.

Favourite Music/Podcast
I have hours of playlists as I usually have music on when I’m running alone, mainly indie, rock, pop and soundtracks from musicals. My favourite though is Lana Del Rey – perfect for a relaxing long run.

Like About Running
Discovering (and planning) new routes, making new friends and time to relax my head.

Hate About Running
When you’re injured or ill or anything that stops you from running.

Gear Can’t Run Without
Phone for music, photos and in case I get lost. My Garmin otherwise the run won’t count!

Future Goals
To do lots more running and have fun doing it.