Profile: Ant Fleming

Runner Origin Story
I ran a little bit with my wife B.C. (before children) but only started seriously after a challenge from someone at work to run the Wix5. I completed that in 2017/18 in 55 minutes which at the time was the longest I had ran without stopping. Then I started running more, often with Heidi and Laura, and from then on it became routine.

I Run Because…
So I can eat!! Seriously, I run for the enjoyment (not that anyone would believe it or I would ever say so during a race) and nowadays for my mental health. Having a 30-35 run a few times a week where I can moan, chat and listen is worth its weight in gold.

When Not Running
Supporting the greatest team in the world: Rochdale AFC, running around organising 2 children, work and life in general!

Greatest Running Achievement
Completing every race to be honest!

Cherished Running Anecdote
In 2021, Heidi and I went to run Foxhall Foxtrot and at the gate into the field beyond Foxhall Road we saw a large number of deer in the field. We stood and watched them and they stood and watched us for about 15 minutes. To see them so close up was really amazing.

Favourite Run Related Moment
When running any HM or event when the family are watching and the cheer they give me really helps and means the world.

Favourite Race
Orwell Challenge and Boss Hog

Favourite Distance

Favourite Shoe
Brooks Ghost – first proper shoes I brought and the only brand of road ones I’ve ever purchased

Favourite Gels
SIS Gels

Favourite Food/Drink/Snacks
Porridge before, gels during and anything and everything afterwards!

Crave While Running
To stop…

Favourite Warm-up Drill
Putting my trainers on

Favourite Stretch
Taking my trainers off!

Favourite Music/Podcast
1990s Britpop

Race Most Wanted
One day I fancy running or walking an Ultra

Like About Running
Health, fitness and the social aspect

Hate About Running
Everything during a race

Gear Can’t Run Without
My birthday socks (thanks to Laura and Heidi) and Vaseline

Future Goals
Keep running as long as I can…