KK Summer Series 2021

Please read on for full details of the Kesgrave Kruisers Summer Series 2021. There is still time to register, as we want a strong subs bench this year to support any swaps or substitutions that may be needed over the series, so late entrants may start the series as a substitute:

The Summer Series will run from Friday 4th June to Friday 16th July, and will see teams of 6 asked to complete a new running challenge each week. Included in the series will be entry to the Ellisons Jaffa Virtual Ekiden, where our teams will compete in a virtual relay. Teams will be awarded points for participating, and for achieving the best averaged results across each challenge. We have balanced our teams as evenly as possible based on times submitted during registration – so competition each week should be interesting!

The weekly challenges are explained below. Juniors complete the same challenges over shorter distances. Teams will be provided with a link to submit their results during the week of the challenge, and the current results, progress and leaderboards are available via the link below:

Week 1: Run 5 km for adults, 2 km for juniors
How fast can you run 5 km? This is a time trial event; and each team member should run the requested distance in a single activity. The team with the lowest average time wins!

Week 2: Elev-AtoB
This challenge has been revamped for 2021; stairs and hill reps are out! Elevation is still important, but this time it must be between two points (A to B) and the route must avoid any path that you’ve already run, so find a different route down that hill and up the next! Speed is not important this week, so take it easy and enjoy the view. Routes should be maximum 2 miles for adults and 1 mile for juniors. The team with the highest average elevation wins!

Week 3: Cooper Test
How far can you run in 12 minutes? The Cooper Test is a challenge of pacing at your threshold. Run as far as you can for 12 minutes exactly, then stop and save your activity. The team with the highest average distance wins!

Week 4: Steady Pace
How evenly can you run 4 km/miles (2 for juniors)? Your first km/mile is your baseline, and for the subsequent 3 km/mile (1 for juniors) you should try to run the same pace as the first. The team with the lowest average pace deviation wins!
Example: km1 in 6:00, km2 in 6:05 (deviation 5), km3 in 6:10 (deviation 10), km4 in 5:48 (deviation 12)

Week 5: Run 5 mile for adults, 2 km for juniors
How fast can you run 5 mile? This is a time trial event; and each team member should run the requested distance in a single activity. The team with the lowest average time wins!

Week 6: Virtual Ekiden
Teams will contribute distances ranging from 5 km to 10 km which are combined to complete a marathon distance. The scores will be submitted directly to the Ekiden organisers, and ranked alongside teams from all over Suffolk and beyond!

Week 7: Mystery!
The format of Week 7 remains a mystery until closer to the date. Look out for news in mid-June!

1Run 5 kmFri 4th JuneThu 10th June5 km / 3.11 miles2 km / 1.24 miles
2Elev-AtoBFri 11th JuneThu 17th June2 miles / 3.22 km1 mile / 1.61 km
3Cooper TestFri 18th JuneThu 24th June12 minutes12 minutes
4Steady PaceFri 25th JuneThu 1st July4 km or 4 miles2 km or 2 miles
5Run 5 mileFri 2nd JulyThu 8th July5 miles / 8.05 km2 km / 1.24 miles
6Virtual EkidenFri 9th JulySun 11th July
at 6pm
5 km / 3.11 miles
7.2 km / 4.47 miles
10 km / 6.21 miles
1 mile / 1.61 km
7MysteryFri 16th JulyTBCTBC

Teams will be awarded points based on the following criteria:
Each member completing the weekly activity is awarded 5 points
Team points based on ranking for the weekly activity


General Rules

  • Challenges should be run as a single activity with no pausing of the watch or timing device
  • Courses should be picked to avoid any unfair advantage, such as finishing on a downhill or wind assistance; the recommendation is to finish roughly where you start, either by following a loop, or running an out-and-back route
  • Challenges can be attempted more than once, but only the first submitted result will be considered
  • Team members (or their parent or team captain) should submit all results by the end date/time specified for that week
  • Links to the challenge activity (from Strava, Garmin, etc.) are mandatory for the Virtual Ekiden and encouraged for other weeks
  • Teams submitting no results will be ranked below all other teams for that week
  • Juniors should be accompanied by a responsible adult, who can run or use a bike if necessary!
  • Participants should be considerate of all government advice on social distancing when completing their activities