KK 5K to 10K Group

Last year Kevin Ward ran a successful improver group for those wanting to build the confidence to run 10K. Several of the graduates have since gone on to race 10 mile and Half Marathon distances! He is back in 2020 with a new programme and registration for KK members is now available. Message him on Facebook for more details!

I’m going to run another 8 week program to help runners who wish to push from being able to run 5k to being able to enjoy a 10k run. The program is open to all KK members, no cost, but ideally you should be able to commit to trying to attend all sessions, which will mainly be on Thursday nights (bar a couple that will be on a Wednesday). You will also receive a simple training plan and obviously the ideal is for you to aim to stick to that plan.

The program is aimed at runners who can run 5k in 35 minutes or less. The sessions will be group focused, but your plans will take into account your own personal goals. That may be to just run 10k, it may be to run 10k within a certain time, you may be using this as a stepping stone to move up to half marathon distance soon after or you may just want to run 10k and feel very comfortable and have a focus on enjoying it. Please note, the aim of this program is to help you reach your goals, but it’s also designed to be fun, possibly push you out of your comfort zone and you’ll hopefully make some new running friends too. Each session will have a few of the coaching team and a support crew of experienced runners helping, so whether your at the front or the back, or in the middle, you won’t be alone.

Prior to starting the 8 weeks, we will look to fit in a simple testing session where I’ll do an assessment, along with some of the coaching team, of where you are now to help us tailor your plans to suit you and your own goals. I would encourage you to consider one goal to enter a 10k race after the program has finished, maybe Woodbridge, Alton Water, Colchester Stampede? Some are harder to get into than others, you may all decide to try and enter one race together, last year most of the group entered Little Bromley, which the coaching team involved all ran as well with the runners from the course.

Depending on how quick people sign up and subject to everyone’s availability, we will probably start the 8 weeks 5th March with one week off for the week before Easter weekend.

There are twelve places, first come first serve and it is open to anyone that feels they need it – but as mentioned above, you do need to be a member. If you’re worried about the max 35min time for 5k, please message or speak to me and we can chat through whether the program is right for you now or whether it might be better to wait and join a future one – in which case we’ll look to give you some support to get you to the right place.

Kevin Ward