Back to the Track

Exciting times ahead, as we resume Thursday training sessions with a Northgate track evening on 13th May. Member booking is required, so please visit the link below to book your place with Phil. Session starts at 8:15pm.

With the expected relaxation of lockdown rules from 17th May we will be adding more traditional Thursday sessions soon, including some cycle path intervals along the “Aris Mile“, and tempo 10km efforts around “Phil’s Loop” – keep an eye out for these on the website Events page and calendar.

We are also expecting some changes to the Tuesday session as we approach summer. Cricket matches mean a couple of our Tuesday sessions will move to a Monday – we will try and make this obvious, but do check when you book! This does mean that the cricket boundary at KWMCC is now marked, so you’ll be able to run around this bigger loop with more space, and we will be increasing the number of adult bookings allowed from 48 to 60 thanks to the extra room. There is still space for 11th May session with Helen (which is a Tuesday!).

Our Covid page is updated with all the latest guidelines for both the KWMCC and Northgate venues, plus diagrams of how to enter and exit the facilities: