AGM x Constitution x Affiliation

Kesgrave Kruisers Committee are preparing for our next AGM, and expect to publish details about the meeting in the next couple of weeks.


Over the last few months the Committee have been working on an update to our constitution; to standardise with the club constitution template provided by England Athletics and other governing bodies. This official template has additional detail, clarifications and protections compared to the current Kruisers constitution, although does not require us to change the way that we run the club.

The Committee intend to include a vote to adopt this new constitution at the AGM. The proposed document is linked below, and any comments can be emailed to or posted to our Facebook group.


The Committee have been reviewing whether to apply for England Athletics affiliation as an optional choice for members. The intention would be to retain our current Association of Running Clubs insurance coverage for all members, and add the facility to offer England Athletics affiliation as an extra service for members who would like to receive the benefits.

The most attractive benefits for an individual runner paying the affiliation fee of £15 a year are the £2 discount on most races, getting to see your club listed by your name in race results, significant discounts on many training and coaching courses, and access to additional events and competitions. The club fee is £150 a year, and includes additional club insurance (including £50 million public liability) and extra support from England Athletics if we need it.

We are already closely aligned with England Athletics. Our coaches train to achieve their LiRF and CiRF qualifications. We have relied heavily on their guidance for our Covid rules and training plans. We base many of our club policies and documents on EA/UKA templates. More information on benefits and links to other reading are on the England Athletics site:

The intention is to decide upon an affiliation application among the club officials, who will have had the opportunity to discuss and debate. Given that affiliation will be entirely optional we do not feel that it is fair to ask people who may not be interested in affiliation to research the topic in sufficient detail to cast an informed vote. However, adopting the England Athletics club constitution template is a pre-requisite step towards applying for affiliation with the governing body.

Affiliation FAQ

Does anything change if I remain unaffiliated?
No. We know it is important to keep the club social ethos and low barrier to entry, so there will be no changes for members who do not wish to become affiliated. There will simply be a new option for members who do wish to affiliate.

What is the cost of affiliation?
Affiliation costs £150 for the club based on 2021 fees (April to March).
Affiliation costs £15 for an individual based on 2021 fees (April to March).

How does the club intend to cover the cost of affiliation?
Our club already pays for selected volunteers to attain coaching qualifications from England Athletics over the course of each year. England Athletics offers this training at a discount to those who are affiliated. The main courses and affiliation discounts are listed below. Historically we have paid for most LiRF training and some CiRF training at full price. We believe that the £150 affiliation fee will largely be offset by reduction in training fees that are paid by the club.

LiRF (Leadership in Running Fitness)£170£140
CiRF (Coach in Running Fitness)£420£255

Will the club remain a member of (ARC) Association of Running Clubs?
Yes, we will remain a member of ARC, as this provides us with insurance for our club and all members across our training sessions and activities.

As an unaffiliated member are there any changes to what club kit I must wear?
Members who do not become affiliated are free to wear whatever kit they want in any event that they enter.

As an affiliated member are there any changes to what club kit I must wear?
Members who become affiliated may be required to wear club kit when participating in an affiliated competition as part of a club team with other club members. For example a team based relay race or team ranked competition for affiliated clubs where a team prize is on offer.

Will the club be able to enter events that require affiliation, such as Cross Country or the Suffolk County Grand Prix series?
Yes, we believe that the affiliated members of the club would be able to represent the club at events that require affiliation, such as Cross Country races or local series of events where club runners and club team performance is tracked and rewarded. Members who are unaffiliated would not be able to enter these events, or not be considered for any prizes – as is currently the case. has more information.

I am affiliated with another club, can I still train with Kruisers?
Yes, because we will be retaining full insurance cover through ARC we will continue to accept members who may be affiliated with other clubs.

Will the club accept ‘second claim’ affiliation from members who are already affiliated with another club?
Yes, we expect to allow people to join Kesgrave Kruisers as a second claim affiliation.

What happens if I decide to become unaffiliated in the future?
More information can be researched online as part of your individual choice whether to be an affiliated runner. Runner affiliation may become lapsed if future fees are not paid, however lapsed affiliation may still remain associated with the former club.

Will Kesgrave Krusiers retain the current social ethos?
Yes, the intention is to retain our club ethos and approach. The optional affiliation would broaden our appeal and provide an additional service to members who are interested in becoming affiliated, without them needing to join other local running clubs or online virtual running clubs.

Does affiliation mean the club becomes performance focussed?
No, there would be no shift in our ethos or focus as part of affiliation.

Does affiliation result in any club or individual ranking?
Affiliated clubs are not ranked. Affiliated runners can access statistics about themselves and their race performances through websites such as – some of which is also available to unaffiliated runners.

Does affiliation impact our participation at Ipswich Ekiden?
The Ekiden rules already allow for teams containing a mix of affiliated and unaffiliated runners, and whether those teams should therefore enter the Open or Social categories. While our team choices would have to consider member affiliation, there would be no impact to our overall participation.

Does becoming affiliated allow the club to coach children?
Coaching of under 12s is restricted based on England Athletics qualifications, and not tied to club affiliation status. Our current session structure, with parents/guardians responsible for any juniors attending the sessions, has been reviewed and approved as part of our insurance with ARC. If you are interested in attaining qualifications to help the club coach under 12s then please volunteer!

Is it correct that affiliated clubs receive London Marathon places?
Yes, it is expected that we may receive one or more entries to the London Marathon through affiliation (depending on uptake). There would be a process determined for selecting which affiliated member should receive this entry.

Please contact if you have any additional questions you would like researched.