AGM 2022 Minutes

Our 2022 AGM took place on Tuesday 8th February over Zoom.

Chair Simon welcomed everyone to the meeting. He discussed the successes of the club over the past year highlighting the Summer Series, the C25k course and new members joining the club. He thanked the committee and the coaching team with special thanks to Richard and Andrew who are stepping down from the committee and to Aris who stepped down as head coach in September 2021.

Treasurer Richard presented the accounts for the past year.

The committee presented two motions:

1 – Adopt the proposed club Rules and Constitution, standardised with the recommended template from England Athletics –

2 – Permit the committee to make minor amendments to the new club Rules and Constitution where necessary to achieve affiliation with England Athletics, without needing to call an additional General Meeting. Amendments must not negatively impact the obligations of the club to its membership. Amendments must pass a two thirds majority vote of all elected committee officers. This motion is only valid until the next General Meeting and requires adoption of the new club Rules and Constitution from motion 1.

Both motions required a two thirds majority vote to pass and both motions passed with 100% of votes.

Election of Committee Members:

Committee members were voted for via a Zoom poll. There was one nominee for each committee position who were all voted in.


President – Mark Holland

Chair – Simon Staffod

Vice-chair – Neal Hardwick

Treasurer – Carissa Wyatt

Head Coach – Kevin Ward

Secretary – Bella Lock

Welfare Officer – Jayne Chappels

Membership Officer – Ant Fleming

Club Captain Female – Helen Ariyo

Club Captain Male – Alan Oliver