AGM 2021

On Thursday 4th February the club held an AGM over Zoom. Attendees included: Neal, Simon, Bella, Mark, Richard, Andrew, Katy, Mandy, Carl, Sarah, Laura, Aidan, Julia, Dan, Martin, Helen, Angela, Lucia, Lois, Kevin, Jayne, Marcus, Rick, Aris, Phil, Dawn, Ant, Pauline, Karl.

Simon opened the meeting with a recap of the past year. He discussed the challenges presented to the club and membership because of Covid, with disruption to sessions and very few races. Simon highlighted the variety of challenges and virtual events run by the club during the year and thanked the coaches and committee who arranged these. Simon recognised the contributions from those committee members who were standing down and thanked them for their service; including Angela who handed over her responsibilities during the year, and to Katy and Beth who stepped down at the AGM. Mark was thanked for his additional contributions as Covid Officer.

Richard presented the accounts for the past year. The club financial year finished with a balance of £3171.64. The Covid situation has reduced some of our normal expenditure, including the community centre hire, and coach training costs postponed. There are upcoming expenses including the club insurance, and several new coaches when England Athletics training resumes. Richard mentioned that the club also received a grant from SPARK in 2020 and that the club would be looking at the annual advanced session payment for 2021 given the session cancellations due to Covid.

Election of Committee were voted for via a Zoom poll. Prior to the AGM there had been one applicant for each committee position, and all were voted in.

President – Mark Holland
Chair – Simon Stafford
Vice-chair – Neal Hardwick
Treasurer – Richard Creasey
Head Coach – Aris Georgalas
Secretary – Bella Lock
Welfare Officer – Jayne Chappels
Membership Officer – Ant Fleming
Club Captain Female – Helen Ariyo
Club Captain Male – Andrew Heide