The Marathon Journey

The Marathon journey starts here….On the 2nd October, two of your run leaders, Marcus Kwan and I will be running the virtual London marathon (having failed to yet again get a place in the ballot) around Kesgrave, raising money for the Jess Grant celebration which is a fantastic local charity (find out more here: .

I’ve never raised money before for a run that I’ve done, never felt that I have wanted to put pressure on myself for the fear of failing and letting people down, however, for this, it is different. My son has previously helped support this charity by doing a marathon over a month and raised money for it himself as part of the school activity and he was really stoked hearing that this is the charity we chose to represent. I also know this charity is so close to Marcus’s heart as well which is why he suggested this one.

It is only 5 months out now, so we need to start preparing properly for this, I have only simple aims (matching the simple person I am!!) and that is to complete this, have fun and enjoy spending time with the people who are going to run with us and raise as much money as possible.It would be great having more people join us, even if it is for 1 of the 4 laps we are going to do, I know Marcus is aiming to run this around the 4 hour mark which is roughly a 9 min mile, but if you can’t join us for the run, come out and encourage us from the side lines (map details will be posted nearer the time).If you can’t join us on the day, please help us by joining us for our social runs, as we will be building up the distance over time and running with others will help the miles fly by.

We’d love to hear of any marathon advice and guidance you can provide, and will be playing around with different energy drinks, bars, tablets (but definitely avoiding the Kendal sports gels – yuck!) to try and make sure we prepare properly for this and will provide our feedback on which ones we prefer.We will be dropping more and more content about this and hope to help others who are venturing on a marathon journey themselves, or even wish to join us for this marathon, by giving advice and showing what we did right and wrong. Click on the events tab to let us know if you’re going to join us

Please though in the meantime donate here and help us achieve our target: