The Marathon Journey – next steps

On Sunday 12th June, marathon training started and the realisation of the task ahead became real. 16 weeks to go before the main event, it doesn’t sound like very much. Therefore, Rick and I decided that we would kick off our training with a 15 mile run, nothing quick, just a steady pace of 9 min / mile. Being Sunday we combined this with a Kruiser’s Sunday social run, broken down into 6 & 9 mile sections to allow those that didn’t fancy joining us for the full distance a choice of the shorter distances.

Being a pretty warm and sunny day, and knowing that heat and me do not really go well together, I prepared by having my usual breakfast of muesli, but also made sure I carried enough water for the run. So, in my case this was 1.5 litres of water plus I was carrying energy gels and chews too. Rick also prepared by bringing 250ml of water, not the best of moves on such a warm day but he did make it.

We were joined by several other Kruiser’s and running friends. The run was brilliant and was a nice chatty run, which made the miles sail by. I felt great by the time I finished my 16 miles! Plus I felt I could do more, which I hope is a good sign. The route planner made a minor miscalculation, but those that know the Kev Positioning System, KPS over GPS, also know that it is not very accurate, so there were no surprises about the distance being longer than advertised.

One run down, several to go, with a very warm week ahead and also Bury Friday 5, plus the Orwell Challenge Half Marathon on Sunday for both of us. Hopefully the weather will be cooler by then.

Don’t forget folks that, as part of my first marathon distance and to make this whole journey more of an enjoyable challenge, Rick and I are raising money for the Jess Grant Celebration Charity. If you would like to sponsor us then please click on the link below and to find out more about the charity. 

Many thanks