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While training at Kruisers sessions is much more fun than training solo, you might be surprised to know that most modern running watches have a virtual coach inside them. This virtual coach can alert you through the steps of a training workout, when to run and when to recover. I’ve put together a short guide for how to set this up on Garmin watches, feel free to research and post about other devices!

The simplest way to prepare a Garmin Workout is through the Garmin Connect app on your phone. The workouts are found from the app home screen under:

More > Training > Workouts

Start by selecting Create a Workout for a Run and you’ll find options to add steps, and add blocks of repeated steps – that are common in our training sessions. Any steps or blocks can be dragged and dropped into position, and deleted if desired.

Steps can be configured as Warm Up, Run, Recover, Rest and Cool Down. Notes can be added to record information such as the pace to target during a timed interval. Duration can be set based on time or distance, and the entire workout can be prepared as shown below:

In the example above I’ve created a sample Kruisers workout, with a 2 minute warm up, 8 sets of 3 minute efforts with 1 minute recovery, and a 2 minute cooldown. It is possible to create far more complex workouts, including pyramid sessions, multiple sets of varying lengths, and to extra recovery periods between sets.

Once a workout is saved and named you can send it to your device, via an icon at the top right of the screen.

The individual Garmin watch model settings are all a little different, so apologies that I wont try to document them all. The common approach looks to involve selecting your Run activity, but before your press Start on your watch to hold the Up button, and access the My Workouts option. Select your workout and then Do Workout. When you’re ready to begin you can then press the Start button.

If this doesn’t match with your watch then please search for your watch manual on the internet, for example:

garmin 235 manual interval workout

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