Foot Problems? How are you lacing your shoes?

I have often had problems with my feet since I started running. I’ve got annoying and weird feet with high arches, thin at the heel and wide at the front and over the years is quite apparent that a lot runners I speak to struggle with some variation of weirdness when it comes to feet.

Foot problems need to be sorted, they aren’t something to ignore as if you continuously run when you’re having a foot issue it’s likely to affect your running. A small adjustment made at foot level almost always causes a much greater body movement higher up your body. Before you know it, your small foot issue is causing a massive problem with your knee, hip or another joint – or all of them!

One solution may be the right running shoes, definitely a starting point. However, I’ve found that I also needed to change how I lace my shoes as regardless of the shoe I was wearing, I would get pins and needles, numb feet or if I had the laces loose to avoid those issues, I ended up with black toenails. So my solution now is to have them tight at the bottom, fairly tight at the top, but very loose in the middle.

I’ve ended up discussing this with a few people lately, so I thought I would share a website that covers a lot of different lacing options for various foot issues – way more to the point and helpful than my usual essay like descriptions 🙂

So if you’re having any form of foot problem, once you’ve ensured you have the right shoes post a decent analysis of your gait and form, you might want to experiment with some of these lacing ‘hacks’ –