Battle of the 10ks

April to May is typically 10k season, with races including Little Bromley, Alton Water, Colchester Stampede and Woodbridge. With all these races cancelled or postponed we’ve created a new challenge in which you can win yourselves a medal and donate to a local NHS charity. See this post from Kevin Ward for more information, including how to register for a medal!


Results as of 01/06/2020

Lil Brokeley62329343637
ALtoNS Water31020363952
Colchester Road31120314155
To Woodbridge0519293844

Please see below for links to the route GPX, the Strava segment, and a detailed route guide for each. If you’re not worried about a medal you can still run the routes for fun, and post photos. Your segment will still count towards the 10k Battle, and you’ll hopefully enjoy yourself and maybe run somewhere new. Please note, this is a bit of fun, not a formal event. Medals will be ordered after the 31st May once everyone has had the chance to do all the runs.

10k RouteStrava
Lil Brokeley
No graveyard in sight on this undulating jaunt around Broke Hall and Bixley – the ‘Lil Brokeley’ is a challenging replacement for Little Bromley, that will leave you wishing for flat country lanes
ALtoNS Water
Who needs a reservoir when you can enjoy the quiet trails around the natural springs of Newbourne – you’ll probably want to stay a while, and forget the segment!
Colchester Road Stampede
Fast, flat (mostly!) and with limited changes of direction; this is even better than the real thing. Save a little energy for the bridge in the middle, and you’ve got a chance at a PB!
To Woodbridge
Just remember that nearly all of these hills are also in the actual Woodbridge 10k, and most of them are run twice – blame them, not us!

There is no prize for being quickest on any of these routes, so take your time and enjoy the scenary. Choose to run 1 or run 4 – it is entirely up to you how you participate in this challenge.

Note: we will crown the winning event based on the number of people completing Strava segments on each route.