The Kesgrave Kruisers membership scheme and website is now live!



Register here on the Kesgrave Kruisers website by clicking the button below. This is a one time activity and will allow you to record all the mandatory information and activate your account.


Purchase the Club Membership option from our shop, including addition of any juniors. This is an annual activity and your account will not be considered a member until the shop checkout is completed.

Information below is pre-Covid. Our current 2020-2021 membership year has been extended to 30th September 2021 due to the approxmately 6 months of missed sessions during lockdown. Cost is still £3 per adult and £1 per child. The Tuesday prepayment has also been extended until 30th September 2021, and is currently reduced to £12 reflecting fewer number of weeks in this period. Thanks!

Your committee have decided that asking people to register as official members is the logical direction for the club. Membership enables us to determine an accurate count for club insurance purposes. Members can provide feedback on what they want from the club – frequency and type of improver groups, different training sessions; intervals, track, hills etc. Members can provide information during registration that will help the club take care of their welfare; such as emergency contact details. Members can be identified for access to club services and events.

One of the key principles of Kesgrave Kruisers has been the low barrier to entry, and the intention is for this to continue. Our membership year will run from April to March, but for anyone registering before 1st April 2020 the membership will be FREE until 31st March 2021 – potentially over 13 months for nothing! From 1st April 2020 the membership will cost £3 per adult (16+) and an additional £1 per child (under 16) who must be registered through an adult member account.

For regular runners the club is introducing a new prepayment discount for the £1 Tuesday session fees. The prepayment can be easily purchased along with membership for just £22 for the entire membership period (that means from now until 31st March 2021), a saving of up to £30 compared to paying weekly. Note: it will still be possible to pay the £1 at individual Tuesday sessions if that is your preference.

Those who are already members of other running clubs (including affiliated running clubs) are welcome to also join Kesgrave Kruisers – there is zero impact to your affiliation status, as we are not a UKA affiliated club.

Guests and Trials – any member can bring any number of guests with them to a session – perfect for visiting friends and family. Runners are welcome to attend Kruisers sessions on a trial basis for up to 3 sessions, before deciding whether to join as a member. On a Tuesday we ask that Guest and Trial runners also contribute the £1 fee, and where practical we will ask Guest and Trial runners to sign a form at the start of the session.

The benefits of membership are plenty, and included in the cost are:
? Over 10 qualified England Athletics Leaders or Coaches in Running Fitness taking your sessions
? ARC public liability insurance – peace of mind for runners and the club
? Tuesday training session!
? Thursday training sessions!
? Hill training sessions!
? Club website access and features!
? Member forums!
? Improver group programmes!